A game for each day of 2020

I just bought a tear-off calendar. And I plan to play a game for each day of the 2020 year. After each game I’m going to tear a page out of the calendar. And the goal of tearing the whole thing apart will keep me motivated to play go more consistently!

How do you like this idea?


I’d say keep notes on each page, then you can look back and have a kind of diary for your progress.

Aren’t you about 3 months late then? :D. But sounds awesome.


I absolutely love it! I don’t have the time to do this myself but I just added this idea to my Life’s Bucket List. Seriously awesome. Will you just wad up each page and toss it in the trash or do you plan to BURN THEM?! :exploding_head:


Well, I started it. Don’t know how long my passion lasts but playing even a little bit of games is good.


Nice c:

Yes, I’m sure!

Ha, you thought I gave up already, didn’t ya. Ta-da!

Compare it to the pristine and clean paper from the beginning.

A year’s worth of live games. It took a little longer but then again, 2020 was a long year.

Quite a coincidence that I started it at exactly the March 1st, and finished it at July 1st. Forgetting about a few hours, it’s 16 months. 487 days. 69 weeks and 4 days.

At this point, it would be nice to have a conclusion, a round-up of all the effort, all the training and lessons. But it’s been so long, I played on different servers, and in real life, with breaks and distractions, it’s all impossible to keep track of. OGS doesn’t even have the same ranks anymore. What have I learned? I don’t know, I don’t think I learned anything. I guess I learned not to do it again.