A game page layout detail


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What would you prefer?

“wrap” would seem very ugly.

“scroll” is a hassle …

(I mean - adding scroll bars makes the interface more complicated, and are you really going to scroll to see the end of someone’s name? I guess you may be wondering “what is that person’s rank” :face_with_monocle: )


Well maybe it’s not that good to cut a name (and user maybe has the habit to have his long name cut) but at least the level could still appear on the next line.
Scrolling is normal, just considering the case of many more watchers (i guess the length of the list is already implemented in the right way)

One more option - cut it even more!

greatbodin.buranar... [3d]


Yep, much better looking :blush:
A longer version of the name is accessible at the top of the game anyway.

While we are at it, the chat itself has quite a dubious formating (see the big space after the clock). Maybe a easy work about is a jump to the next line? and a bit less empty spaces, like between the player’s level and the “:”?

Tibetan [4d]: gg ty