A hilarious outburst of rage after winning!

I’ve played with this fellow 14 times before, and we were even friends here on OGS…We played again today, he won by a few points, then started a hilarious and incoherent all-caps “rant” for some reason! I’m really not bothered, I reported him anyway, but I thought you might enjoy reading it as well. :smiley:

Here is our game:

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That rant was more incoherent then an arthouse film, like wtf set him off!?

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That was a good analogy :slight_smile:

I had read this post earlier, having myself a nice little morning chuckle. I had jumped on to Facebook, browsing the post, when suddenly I come across a Go page called Philosophy of Go going on a rant about who knows what, using the word “algorithm” over and over. Something your opponent said a few times in his rant on your game. He kept asking where you’re from, even though you clearly told him. In this facebook post, I’m guessing he is going on about America (I think) and something about wisdom and how making money is a joke (I think). He throws in something about IQ, despite typing like an incoherent five year old who has no idea what he’s talking about. I wish I could of had the same chuckle as I did earlier, but this was such a mess I couldn’t. I just find it ironic that I read this, then found his succeeding rant a little later. Don’t know about this one!
Here’s the link to the facebook page if you’re interested in reading what my poor brain had to endure:


I have more than one week off a year. This makes that entire post invalid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link tommunistrule! The correlation between their writing skills is quite fascinating. It appears that when a person is angry on the internet, his keyboard usually disagrees with him :smiley: I can’t help but wander what would happen if those two guys got in a fight with each other…

This reminded me of a funny guy I played against awhile back

Haha that was hilarious!

Lol, what’s wrong with this guy. If you lose, lose gracefully. Reminds of me a guy at school who, whenever he lost at something went completely mad, smashing things and so on. No wonder that nobody wanted to play against him…

The only comparable experience I can remember just now was in chess. I knew someone who would play with a pencil while thinking. If the situation became difficult, he would grasp both ends tightly and tense up his whole face. And when disaster struck, he would break the pencil and go stomping off. He wasn’t an abusive loser; all his anger was self-directed. Our circle of friends thought it was funny, but now I can see he had emotional problems.

Magpie94’s opponent seems like a troll, rather than a bad winner.

When I played a lot in college, I used to go train on a heavy bag after a rough day, or after some go losses. Now that I’m at home and don’t have a heavy bag, I take a few cuts at an old sofa with a baseball bat or take some slapshots, shooting a tennis ball at a fence with my hockey stick. Lots of productive ways to use the tendency to express yourself physically after a frustrating loss.