A.i. muse-sick

Yo has any one played with the new a.i. music making tools? I made a hip hop freestyle with just the chats between me and another OGS members private chat. And it’s surprisingly good

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Edit for non-regulars:


Gets a:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

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:rofl: you would be the one to drop some groovy shh, on the one thing i leave the shadows to talk on.
You trying to make some OGS bangers?

One time at banned :camping: HonkeyKong ft @mark5000

Ahh I may not have “published it to public” if you are referring to my link

:face_with_monocle: or I’ve too much scrap in my library? Theoretical lyricist | Suno has a corpus of cringy experiments

Does that work also in other languages, for example Italian?
(I know I could just try, but I’ve some sort of repulsion from “please subscribe” sites, sorry)

I just did that.
That’s hardly believable.
Two rows of text and a plausible song comes out. Of course it sounds like something else, but the musical landscape is already filled with any sort of plagiarism, so that sounds legit too.

I really wonder what our culture will become, when the masses will start using these tools on a daily basis. Suno instead of Spotify? Sora instead of tiktok? I expect the biggest mass hangover ever!

Our culture will wrap itself and will be wiped away by other people who don’t use smartphones and pcs.