A New Bug Resurrects a Deleted Account as a Ghost

Early this morning, MugHyang apparently deleted his account, as can be seen in the chat of several games (Vsotvep says in the Help channel that accounts are never deleted as a form of moderation). His name duly disappeared from the roster in this rengo game (Ván giao hữu) and the thumbnail showed Black as “Zeronix + 0.” However, later today his name spontaneously reappeared in the roster, and the thumbnail now says “MugHyang + 1.” He is in fact still deleted, because if you click on his name you will get a “User not found” message.

I successfully reported this as “Other” by clicking on “Report” under Mughyang’s name. So, on OGS you can report ghosts. :blush:

I’m posting this in its own thread, rather than in the “Rengo status” thread, because it is not at all clear that it is restricted only to rengo.


I’m not sure about “as a form of moderation”. It’s more about keeping the game information. All personal information is deleted (unless there’s a bug), but clearly the account itself, which contains the games the person played, stays there because the games stay there. The reference to the person is replaced with “deleted…”.

The way that something like you’ve described my happen is that “something else” is still accidentally remembering the player’s name - it can be deleted from the account, but temporarily stored somewhere else (maybe as the “black player name” or whatever).

So - we’ll dig into it :construction_worker_woman:

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I think he means mods don’t delete accounts, only players delete their own accounts.


It might be related to this: