A question about the AI review after games

Hi, I read through the page about the new LZ review (which is amazing thank you!!) But I am still having a little trouble understanding what I am looking at. What is the difference between positive and negative values for different play squares? It seems as though the brighter green is maybe the best play? What do the absolute values inside each square mean? It seems like it could be the win percentage or possible number of playthroughs. Also what does the blue circle indicate? I apologize if this has already been discussed but I couldn’t find it in any of the forum posts or comments. Thanks in advance!

Green is number of playouts.
Numbers are change of win rate of the player to play.
Blue circle is the move the AI would choose.


So let’s take this specific screen shot of the game…it is saying that it is blacks turn and they should play at C10 and go from at 65.5% chance of winning to a 68.8% chance of winning? And if black plays at B4 black will go from 65.5% chance of winning down to 53.5% chance of winning?



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