A question on a ladder example

see in this picture, can somebody tell me why shouldn’t I play at G5?


Because of the later atari (threat to capture in japanese) on one of your stones. Read it.

If you can’t read, play it on a board. If you still don’t see then here is more explaination (spoiler alert!)

if you read carefully, when (After G5 G6 H6) white plays G7, black F7 will have only 1 liberty which is disturbing the process of the ladder. If black save his stone with F8 then the white group is no more in a threat to be captured with 2 liberties so white can counter starting with C6 or C4 for exemple. If black don’t save F7 then white will capture it and that leads to some bad future for black too.
The ladder in the opposite direction starting with G6 works, there is no disturbing atari on the way. Because black captures now surely the white central stones, it’s a drama for white, he should resign when black play G6

More on ladders: if you look at the good ladder starting with G6 you may notice that instead of J4 black can H3 as a variant to keep white captured. In the not working ladder starting with G5, trying the same Idea more far from the edge to avoid the atari on F7 doesn’t work. If you change H5 into G7 then white H6 gives white 3 liberties, so black can no more bring it back to 1 lib. Failure.


thanks groin,
I got it all (almost).