A simply 9x9. Pls I ask for help. Can u review it? 22k

Thank u very much

I think the biggest issue was your response to white’s 3-3 play in the top right (EDIT: Left. I did a dumb.). Touching is not good, you want to take eye space. I’ll throw up some variations when I have a chance to give you an idea of better defenses on that. Keep in mind, you’ll still give up something, you just want it to be better than that whole corner.

i’m sorry i can’t understand very well what do u mean…:frowning:

Haha, probably in part because I said right when I meant left. I was referring to moves 16 and 17 (C7 and C6).

I put up a review with a few alternatives to move 17. There were creative options for white to make a little profit by cutting up along the left side after sacrificing a couple stones, but nothing that would take the game from you once killing that corner.

I made a review for you too (@pbgarden we both made one ). I hope it helps you.

Thank u very very much both!

I have seen both reviews. These are very usefull and I’ll study it again and again.

For Bynum, can u explain the comment at move 7?

Thank very much again

I meant that the white group is thin and has a cut point at G3. Move 7 allows white to move at E2 and G2, making it not possible to cut again. From that point, the game seems slightly unfavorable to black. Therefore, I called it “helpful to white”.

I understand.

Thank u very much