A typical beginning?

Twenty years ago I become slightly interested in Go after reading David Wingroves Chung Kuo-series. Doesn’t find anyone to play with.

This year, for some reason, I decide it’s time to give it a try on the iPad. Quickly becomes hooked. Thoroughly so. Eight months later I’m wondering if it’s gone too far. Judge for yourself, is this typical? :slight_smile:

February - Start playing Go by trying out different apps for the iPad. Lots of tsumego. Plays SmartGo Kifu on the ipad, comes to hate it.

March - Reads some books. Feels like I’m getting the basics. Registers on OGS, nervous like it’s prom night when I play against another human for first time.

April - Leaves the twenties behind, yay! Has an epiphany of the many layers of Go, how the game changes as you progress. Still hates SmartGo Kifu. Finds Crazy Stone, rebuilds confidence shattered by SGK.

May - Starts looking at videos occasionally, Sibicky, Dwyrin etc. Really puts a new light on the game. Encourages wife to spend more time on her hobbies so I get more uninterrupted play time.

June - Involuntarily no playing. :frowning_face:

July - By now I’ve probably asked every person I’ve ever known if they play Go. No one does. Signs up for a Go summer camp and get to play irl for the first time! Really fun.

August - Finally firmly on 15k. Hopefully. No idea how though, feels like I don’t understand anything. Buys my first physical game set.

September - Seem to be holding at, or slightly below, 15k. Take over an established Go game and literature store. Have a fleeting thought about whether this is taking a hobby too far too quickly. Dismisses it and plays more Go. Tries SmartGo Kifu again, discovers I still hate it.

The near future - rages against the injustice that I’m too old to become an insei? :wink: Nah, just planning on continuing to have a blast. I might mourn the fact there are to few hours in the day to play as much as I want while maintaining a normal life. But only a little. :wink:

PS. SmartGo is awesome, it’s just that I get very frustrated because there’s something about the way it plays that I have a really hard time to get a grip on.


They should put that in tesuji books.


Loved your story of your beginning with all the little jokes :smile:.
Here is mine:
April 2017: Got interested in Go from a Sibicky video
May 2017: Achieved DDK :slight_smile:
June 2017: Continued to play
July 2017: Started watching Dwyrin(I was watching Sibicky before, and I still watch his video’s now)
August 2017: Continued to play
September 2017: Achieved SDK? First game I played afterwards I lost though, so now I am back to DDK.
So definitely not as eventful as your journey, but I still feel like I have changed in the past few months :slight_smile:.
Future?:Play more go :smile: