A user abusing refusal to end game


New to the game and so I’m unsure if this is legal. This user was after a point of no return in our game continued to select “pass” on his turns and would not accept the removal of stones to end the game. I had defeated him by over 30 points. After a long time of trying, I eventually gave up trying to end the game and he unfairly won by “timeout”. This feels like cheating. I’ve recorded his behavior on my iphone but am unable to upload here. Is there someone who’d be interested in looking into this? If he’s doing this to me, he may also be impinging on the experience of other beginners too.
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Open the game in question and use the ‘Call Moderator’ option. This provides them with a link.

Nb. This can still be done after the game is ended.


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Thanks for the reports - this is being taken care of.

As you say, abuse of the scoring phase is cheating and is not allowed.


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