A variation of the keima Kakari to a Hoshi

This is the Opening we played. According to Joseki my enemy played a mistake by capturing this stone and I played down the sequence which follows. Well I see quite a bit why the mistake move is bad and have some ideas of taking usage but I am pretty sure I’m not totally aware of it. So I’d appreciate it if someone could held me out and show me some following moves. For example why white has to descend after that or what to do if white captures the black stone which is in Atari.

I don’t see a capture. Also I don’t even get if you are playing white or black. I’m probably not strong enough to answer, but I thought I’d mention this anyway in case others have the same problems.

Ah, I found the game! But it’s still ongoing and the situation is pretty much the same still, so discussing now is a bit problematic.

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Josekipedia covers the capture variation at move 11. Does this link answer your questions?


After the game is ok

Sure. With pleasure.
Just don’t discuss ongoing games in the forum.