Ability to limit to “Ranked Players” in custom ranked

Not sure if this has been brought up before but when limiting the rankings of potential players in custom games would like the ability to exclude players that don’t have a rank yet. Too many trolls or smurfs.

It has actually been discussed many times, and is very unlikely to get done the way you suggest, because the arguments for and against are well understood and assessed.

Right now there is actually a bug in the custom game matching that lets a new unranked player play against ~13k people, because it is seeing [?] as about 13k.

This is is a known issue, confirmed literally today, and likely will be addressed before too long.

New [?] people are intended to be treated as ~19k by the system. Such new people deserve the opportunity to get a ranked game, with people of around that rank.


My experience is that this is minimal and well handled by the mod team (if reported).

I think it’s fair to say that all kyu players have significant room for improvement in ‘consistency’. Consequently any kyu player may have a good game and appear like a troll/smurph when by chance they play well. Especially in live 9x9 which appears to be what you play.

That said, you may be able to increase your enjoyment of the site by taking full advantage of the “friend” and “rematch” features when you find a good opponent. Also consider accessing any groups relevant to you.


Thanks for the response. It’s not a big deal. I do enjoy 95% of the games on custom. It’s the edge case when a [?] comes in and places a stone on every part of the board and won’t resign etc. The other side is just not knowing how to play against a [?] because I do play differently esp in the early game depending on the rank of my opponent.

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Yeah - it’s a pain we all have shared … and many of us probably inflicted when we were beginners.

How we’d like everyone to handle this aspect of things was captured here.

Summary: please be tolerant of new people and help them settle.

That being said, timewasting play is not tolerated. As Kosh mentioned, the moderator team is here to help handle it. So please do feel free to raise a report on the 5% hassle [?] that you encounter. While you’re waiting for the moderator, it would be appreciated if you can just “play straight and polite”.


Yeah. This could be an interesting topic all on it’s own but since it’s relevant to the original post, I’ll answer here:

When confronted by a completely unknown opponent ([?]) I like to imagine that I have simply stumbled upon someone sitting at a Goban while walking through a park. Wordlessly we commence to play.

Rather than rely on my limited imagination for this tale, I’ll simply refer the reader to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quqTe1KfmHQ care of AdamR who has done all the hard work for my imagination. :grin:

and here’s my ode to unranked players:

One fine day in the middle of the night
They wandered onto a Go playing site

Aged master or wonder-filled child
Through eroteme mist, a guarded smile

Stone by stone, the truth revealed
Foes no more, their fate is sealed.


Thanks guys. Good ideas.


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