Ability to negotiate challenge terms

This is close to something I wish we had, namely the chance to negotiate with the challenger, rather than just take it or leave it.
Our club played on OGS a lot because of Covid and I would have liked to suggest a different time setting or rule set. Ideally one would also be able to add a text to the ”counter-challenge”.

I do this with friends in normal OGS chat

“I sent you a challenge - if you want different terms, cancel that and send me your proposal”


OK technically Kosh does this to me, not the other way around, but the idea is the same :blush:

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That works, but I would prefer not to reject a challenge from someone I want to play with. But I can imagine it might be too much hassle to get this feature right for too little benefit.

One benefit would be that it was less trouble to specify what it was you wanted. It would also help new or sporadic users who do not notice they have chat. And it feels more natural as part of the challenge interaction.
— I thought I had more, but I cannot think what:(

A smaller tweak would be the possibility to add text to a rejection.

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P.S. Thanks for splitting — obviously the right thing to do.

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