About analysis enabled as a default

It’s still my opinion that having analysis disabled should be more of a cultural norm on OGS than it currently is.

I’ve repeatedly heard people on Twitch criticising OGS’ in-game analysis as an unfair tool and a detriment to the game, which is also my view. As a “crutch” it can be compared to computer score estimation, CGS’ atari-highlighter, and even (in an extreme comparison) Tygem’s bot purchase feature.

I see several possible levels of analysis tolerance in non-correspondence games. I know the analysis feature is currently required to support conditional moves.

  1. Analysis permitted and default. This is the current situation, which I believe needs to change.

  2. Analysis permitted but non-default.

  3. Analysis only permitted in unranked games.

  4. Analysis never permitted.

I favour the third option.

I don’t mean to be a “vocal minority” but, as I say, I’ve often heard the analysis feature criticised.


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