About "Create tournament record" option

Today I saw the “Create a tournament record” option in my group for the first time. I tested this option, but did not understand what it is for. I also created a tournament record Test in the Game Of Stones group and now I can’t delete this tournament record. If this is possible, I ask administrators to remove this tournament record and explain to me what the tournament record is for.

Thank you in advance for substantive answers and help. :sweat_smile:

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My guess would be that the tournament Record should be used to enter Real Life Tournaments into OGS.
But I’m curous what the true purpose of it is.



I also suspect something similar, but I would like to know more, as well as be able to delete records made by mistake.

As guessed, this is a new feature to support live tournaments - and in particular those Pro tournaments that we are currently honoured to be hosting.

These new features are “brand new, literally just in time for requirements from those tournaments”.

As such, they are be tailored for exactly what those people need, with few other niceties right now.

Niceties (such as deleting a record :slight_smile: ) likely will come in time.



Thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer! :+1: