About creating tournaments

We like to use OGS to organize tournaments. But there are issues that we cannot solve:

1.- There is no round initial time programation. So, at ending round 1, the round 2 begins inmediately. There is no time to rest between rounds.

2.- We decided, in that case, to pause every game of the new round at start, so we can unpause it until the programed time of the round sets.

3.- It would be great if the tournaments have a moderator o judge who can pause all the games automatelly so when the programed time of the round starts, he can unpause all the games. Or

4.- You may introduce a schedule to set the times of every round (day and hour)

Sorry for the bad english. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

Thank you


Welcome to the happy go madhouse OGS.

Doesn’t the Tournament section in Documentation & FAQ (link) cover these questions?

@Atorrante No that FAQ is irrelevant to the suggestion made. There is no schedule for rounds in OGS tournament system.

@Goinsei And yes that would be a nice feature when you don’t want to organize everything manually.

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