About me and welcome!

Thank you for reading the above, now heres a little bit more info, and other stuff!
I go by he/him, and I am 20
-I love cats :3
-I love to draw
-In my free time I paint and sketch, or come here or play chess, or play with my kitties!
-This is one of my favorite songs Cosmo Sheldrake - The Moss - YouTube
I have an account on an online chess site right here GreenyPicklesChess - Chess Profile - Chess.com if you play I will be more than happy to have a quick game with you!
Thank you!!-Greeny


Okay yeah theres a typo lol


I m playing very very few now, but happy to meet you.


Aw, cute! Also, Iā€™m glad to get to learn more about you.

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