About open correspondence challenges

I’m pretty sure these things have been said earlier but I couldn’t find the correct threads with the forums search.

I recently started to play some correspondence go. I usually open ten open challenges for my corr. games and then move to make my moves on my games. I have noticed that it’s tedious manual labour to create those ten open challenges. I’d prefer a persistent open challenge for corr. games that would terminate once I have predetermined amount of games ongoing. Of course it would reappear once one of my games would end.
Other thing that is bit annoying is that some people tend to accept multiple open challenges right away. It would be nice to automatically limit the amount of games per person. Now I am sometimes forced to cancel the games.
This limit would not affect private challenges.

On a positive feedback the load times seem much faster now. I don’t really notice the loading of a next game anymore.
I don’t know what order the games are presented to me though. They don’t seem to be sorted by time left. I would really like to have the game that I have least time left to be presented first.


Yep indeed, both items are on the todo list for sure :slight_smile:

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