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I have donated 5 dollars per month but nothing seems to have changed. Anything I missed?

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I’ve fixed your status manually and I’m looking into why your status wasn’t updated immediately. If there’s anyone else who has a similar issue please let me know!


Thank you very much!!!

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I am a supporter on two accts here and pengyouWould like to increase my monthly payments on this acct from $5 to $15 but system not allow me. Can someone tell me how do it? Teewing@gmail.com . Ogs brings me great pleasure(and heartache when I lose :slight_smile: but I want be loyal supporter


I think you just cancel your current support and then make a new one.


What @BHydden says.

Also, @tomewing1, you may want to remove that email address from your comment lest you be spammed by any crawlers or spiders or what those things are called that search the web to harvest mail addresses …


And thus our new catchphrase was born :smiley: (or whatever you kids call it nowadays…)


Thanks will do tomorrow

Never thought of that brave new world

Hello Adams. At age of 72 not sure I qualify as a kid anymore but I like the sentiment :slight_smile:


Frick’in awesome that there’s a 72 yo on OGS. Go man go. (*)

(Not only because that means I am not the oldest! :smiley: :smiley: )

*: based on “tom” in “tomewing1” !

Done. I’m closer to my God now. :blush:


I too became a site supporter, but nothing has changed.
Thanks for the great site.

I tried once, now try again -
I am a site supporter, but see no recognition of that fact !?

<ping> @anoek

I don’t understand ?
I just want to be a supporter of the site

Anoek will fix that, that it was trohde just pinged him.

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Terribly sorry about that @V-Sapristi, the current system is unfortunately rather glitchy about marking supporters appropriately sometimes. I’ve fixed up your account though, thanks for the long time support, it means a lot!


Sorry, @V-Sapristi, I was just using nerdy shorthand for (sort of) “notifying” anoek, one of OGS’s owners and developers :slight_smile:

and the name comes from the sound used in …

I wonder how many readers here will now re-live moments of “Das Boot” again :smiley:

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