About the "Active forum users!" group

So several of us have become member of a group for forum users on OGS.

I like this idea, but I’m not very fond of using news posts as a ways of communicating unnecessary messages around.

Since the chat seems to be malfunctioning, why not discuss things here, you know, on the forum that we all use?


I like this idea more then the news post

So should we discuss about that here or in another thread?

I did something wrong. Now @Sports_for_Life’s post has an orange/red line next to it. AAAHHH!!!


Maybe a bug report thread?


I think it is fine to discuss on here @ginger2008

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?? I am confused

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I think it is gone now since I left the page. I wonder why I got it. Here is a screenshot:


This is going the wrong way, now you guys are chatting on the forum…

I meant to say: Please don’t abuse group news to send each other messages. I receive an email for news posts, and I don’t need more emails than i already get. (and I want to receive emails for group news, it’s pretty useful for the other groups)

If chat is malfunctioning, use the forum instead to get your message into the world. Also, if your message does not contain something of general interest, perhaps consider not posting it at all.



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I just took your first post as “this is our new chat thread”.

Basically telling me to chat here.

Also I want to point out, that while one finds something interesting, others often do not, and that is one thing that comes from conversations.

  • Want this Forum to be the chat
  • Want to keep the original version
  • Both

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If you aren’t in this group then don’t vote!!!

I kept on getting invite to this group, and after declining a few times, I finally joined. Now it seems that I’m an admin of the group (along with many others)?

Is there a way to see who is inviting you to a group? Is there a way to block future invites?

How do I leave the group?

EDIT: figured out how to remove myself as an admin.


I can unadmin you if you want. A problem with multiple admins is that no one knows if someone is invited or has been invited to a group. You can also unadmin yourself by clicking your name in the group page.


So why does everybody need to be an admin? I think the admin role is there for a reason, to prevent this kind of problems.

I also have removed myself as admin about 4 times now, but keep being added back.


I could not figure how to leave, but I guess another admin could kick me from the group. Please do so.

Edit: never mind, after refreshing the page, I could see the leave group button.

Is there a way to block future invites? Or at least see who is sending the invite?


Same issue can happen with tournaments. While you can see who invited you, other people won’t know that if you decline the invitation. No clue why we’re all admins though. I didn’t change that for anyone.


Closing the pole above in five days.


Ok the results are both of them will be “chat”.