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Internet go category might be used for learning about thing that are not usually found until they happen to you and then it becomes confusing.Someone could write about that unusual incident.I had something happen to me awhile ago ,it was the end of the match of which I was ahead in territory and my opponent kept denying that the game was not finished.When this first happened I didn’t know how to deal with it.I ended up filling in my territory when I knew that I didn’t have to play in my own territory.Anyway I was wounded by that incident and it really took me ages before I was able to play and trust my opponent would play fair.So,people could use this topic to write down things as such as that .

Hello @phcull, Joseph,

TBH, as long as it has to do with Go (as you describe) I’d think this would rather be something for the General Go Discussion section.

Greetz, Tom

Your probably right,I was thinking about tricks that players have learned that are used to confuse the opponent only can be used while playing online.Calling it “internet go tricks”,anyway it was just a thought.We could use this category so that players would be made aware of these underhanded type of playing just to win to get ratings.I’m sure there might be more than just the one I encounted.Thanks Joseph