About the Nova League category

Hello all,

The Nova League is a brand new league, and the first of it’s kind on OGS! This is the place where league members can report their match results, get game reviews from the league’s teachers, and give feedback on the league. We are always looking for ways to improve!

The Nova League was developed by xhu98 and Mikasa as a way for players to play live matches in a competitive environment. It works by splitting players into groups of 5-7 with the top player in each group being “promoted” and the bottom player in each group getting “demoted.”

As with the rest of the forum, we have no tolerance for spamming or abuse of any kind.

We hope you have a great experience in the league! Good luck and have fun in your matches!

###For information on class pairings, scheduled games, and class rankings, check out our site at: http://www.peanutgo.org/tnl/

###To view a list of League admins, click on the following: The Nova League - Admins