Absolute time mode should get fixed

Absolute mode is absolutely chaotic and crazy that you literally can’t call that it baduk anymore. Here is a game that I tried playing absolute with 2 minutes:

We were both just spamming moves, each trying to get each other timed out, and it wasn’t even about having more territory, it was simply making moves quickly.
I think we should make the minimum time for absolute of 9x9 to 1 minute, 13x13 to 3 minutes, and 19x19 to 5 minutes.

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I have a hard time understanding the point of playing with absolute time in general, to be fair.

In any case, you surely knew that 19x19 with 2min absolute time would be a complete mess so I’m not sure where the surprise comes from?


Patient: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
Doctor: “Don’t do that then.”


Also if we make value judgements about the kind of Go we want to see on the server and it doesn’t include chaotic or crazy, I’m afraid a lot of players, particularly weaker ones, will need to be banned.


but at least they were trying to play go, we were literally making the worst moves possible on the board

That is the nature of absolute time. Nothing needs to be fixed.


Name checks out. Again.

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@Rickrolled has a point. Absolute time should be usable for players who want to play within a fixed time. But too often it animates some people to play junk moves rather than resign.

If I recall correctly, KGS resolved this issue by allowing players to regain time by passing, but only up to 15 seconds. This prevented players from exploiting their opponents’ time constraints.

@anoek, thoughts?


Eerily similar to the Sensei’s Library entry on the topic - did you forget a citation? :smile:

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My brain was running on absolute time.


Historically, i heard about a bug with absolute time in correspondance games, but too short time in ultra blitz is another matter.

Well, we could just add warnings, “This time control is known to cause problems.” Or something.

There already is such a warning. There’s a warning triangle next to the challenge, and an explanation bubble popus up as you hover over the accept button. I can’t find a blitz example, but this is what weird komi looks like:



I used to set up games with 1 hour+5x1min and title the games as “SLOW game”.

One time, my opponent asked: can you play a little faster please? :rofl:


Indeed, no need for Nanny here!

It is quite legitimate to play some games testing out one’s limits and seeing how one’s play breaks down or just for the hell of it; that is impossible with an arbitrary limit, if it makes a difference. Anyway 5 minutes for 19×19 is definitely playable, so that would be a very unreasonable limit.

I suspect that this discussion has used a lot more of @Rickrolled’s time than that game did! The latter should have been an efficient way for them to find out they did not want to play another game like that.

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You can share this link with those people:


Haha, did not know that.

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