Absolute time settings

Please remove the absolute time settings. Or set a minimum of like 5/10 minutes at least. Same probably for Canadian Byo-Yomi. Like make the time/per moves ratio reasonable so you have more than a second for your move for the whole game.
Evidence: 9dan sandbaggers


its called airbagger

some games may take 300 moves before double pass
with 1 second / move its 5 mins, so 2.5 mins / player.
Anything lower than that in 19x19 should not be possible in ranked.

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But I think 2s/move as minimum makes more sense.

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I do think there has been some discussion on a minimum time for ranked games (possibly dependent on board size), though it just hasn’t been implemented yet. There are some warnings on custom games (like a yellow triangle) when there’s something unusual about the komi or time settings.

In terms of ranked play, you can use the automatch and there won’t be any absolute time games, and you also don’t have to accept any absolute time ranked games.

You can also report any users using the report button on the main site, if you believe they are abusing the rating system in some way.


In a world where people play berserked ultrabullet (7.0 seconds absolute time) chess, admittedly with a snappier interface, I don’t think we should be limiting how people choose to play

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I don’t know how Chess society works, but on OGS for some reason a lot of people accept games without understanding what they are accept. Result: its possible to get 9 dan without knowing Go rules.

If blitz had separate rank, it would be much more little problem. But these 9 dans then can play with real dans in slow games. Rank restriction will not help.

I support completely isolating the ranks from eachother and deleting the overall rank: I think lichess is a good example of this

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