Accept an opponent's challenge

Hello all.
My range is 11k.
Why I can accept 4k
and the acceptance of 13k and even 11k is unavailable ?

Matches in this list are opponents “offers” where he decides rank range that can accept.

It is possible that for example 4k player wants to play 1k-15k, and 13k player wants to play 12k-20k.

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Usually the player wants to play with an opponent of equal rank with some admission.
But most of these opponents are not available to me. This is a little believable. More like an error in the algorithm.

Your picture shows you are confusing two separate things:

  • Automatches
  • Custom challenges.

You are pointing from the Automatch settings and looking at custom matches available!

The auto match settings have nothing to do with which custom games you can accept.

Please notice that the list of games you have pictured is the list custom games. (It says so right above them)

These are challenges that other players have created that anyone can accept if you are within the parameters that the creator set.

This is competely separate from “Automatches”.

Look at this:

In the top half of this panel, there are the Automatch buttons and the Automatch settings.

If you click one of those buttons, the computer will try to match you with another person who fits the range you selected in the dialog you pictured. It will be another person who has overlapping settings with you.

After you click one of those buttons, you will wait till the computer finds someone to match you with.

Separate from that, you can either issue a custom challenge (by clicking the Create Game button) or accept one.

If you click one of those accept buttons, you will be straight into that game, no waiting.

You can only click one of those accept buttons if your rank matches the range the other person specified.

Two different ways of getting a game, and controlling what you get.



Thank you very much for your help! Your answer is very detailed and understandable.