Accept undo button in zen mode?

Hi, I play games in zen mode and when my opponent asks for an undo, the “accept undo” button doesn’t appear for me so I have to exit zen mode to accept it each time. It’s not the biggest deal, but just a bit inconvenient for me.

I was wondering if zen mode was intentionally set up this way or what people think about adding “accept undo” button to zen mode?


Yes, this sort of thing has been debated before. On the one hand, Zen is designed to be minimal so purists will argue against adding anything. “Oh, but if we add that, then we’ll have to add x and y and blah blah blah”. But on the other hand, some things are essential information to play the game, like the clock, prisoner count, etc. IMO, it disrupts the Zen more to have to exit Zen mode to grant undo than it does to have the button available in Zen mode so I agree that it should be added.

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The real zen would have to be to have it auto-accept undos :slight_smile:


It seems like a lot of people use zen mode when what they really want is just a toggle on chat… Seems like the only feature that hasn’t been requested to go back in :man_shrugging:


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