Access to private game

How do you give someone access to a private game?


In the right slide out in-game panel, there should be a new menu item right at the top called “access settings” (or whatever your translation) where you can grant acces to certain players, or groups.

As far as I know there is not a way to make a private game available to everyone publicly at the moment.

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Thanks! I’ve never made a private game myself, just trying to find out how to tell someone else how to share one with me for review :slight_smile:

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The workaround solution would be to simply download the SGF and then reupload it publicly.


I gave access to my game but the link still didn’t work for my friend. I created a new account and experimented with access a little and realised that it was impossible to find the game in game history of my main account too. The access settings didn’t change anything. And also I’m not shure that the settings work normally. When I change it, new players and groups appear but the “close” button doesn’t work. And I don’t know how can I check if a game is private or not?

I think moderators will need a link to your game to be able to find it and try to figure this out :slight_smile:

It’s the game IGLO grupa L
But I don’t know what they can do without access)

Moderators can do all sorts of things :disguised_face:

I think we are talking about this game, in your game history:

… I can see it (because I’m a moderator) and I think you can too.

I tried this out for myself with a normal account on beta. I could

  • See the game in my game history
  • Give access to another normal user
  • They could access the game from the game link
  • They can NOT see the game in my game history - they only see it accessing direct
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