Access without logging in to Facebook

Since few weeks I’ve been using OGS logging in via Facebook, but now I’d like to login from another PC and from mobile, generally devices where I don’t want to login to Facebook.

I’ve set a password on my settings page, but still, when I go to login page, type in my credentials it takes me to Facebook and wants to login there as well. When I choose “not now” it goes back to OGS but I’m not signed in. Can my account be disconnected from Facebook, or is there a way to sing in without using it?


I have actually tried to re-create the situation, but after setting an email and password, it works just fine for me.

Can it not be cookies related? (even though it is improbable if you are doing it on another devices) Try logging in in incognito mode if it helps. Otherwise I have no idea.

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Thanks for giving it a try. Unfortunately nothing seems to work for me - I’ve tried on Chrome (incognito mode), FF (private mode), Chrome on mobile… every time I get redirected to with a rather lengthy url. I can choose “not now” there, but then it takes me back to page…

I think I was logging in to OGS through FB since the very first time, Perhaps my account was created differently than it would be if I connected Facebook to it afterwards… Not being OGS dev I can only guess.

hmmm, yeah, it was a long shot.

Well, let’s ask @anoek if he has any idea :slight_smile:

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