Accidental second account

Hello, sorry for posting this support request here. I hope it’s the proper place.

I returned to this site yesterday after a break, and accidentally created a second account by trying one of the single sign on options. When I realised there was no game history, I logged out again and remembered my username and password. I then played a couple of games.

This morning I began a game, but then noticed that I was logged in with the second account. I played the game but felt a bit bad for my opponent, who didn’t know that handicap stones would have been appropriate.

Is there a way to merge the accounts? I don’t mind which login method I use, but I’d rather not end up accidentally logged into the wrong account.

Thank you for your help!


Welcome to the forums!

If you do a quick search, this feature has been requested for quite a while. Here’s a recent one:

The ability to merge accounts does not exist. Best you can do is ask a mod to delete the account you don’t want to use.

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Even then, the best we can actually do is anonymise your account :rofl:

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Okay, thank you for clarifying the situation. I’ll do my best to avoid using the duplicate account.