According to Leela I was ahead with this opening

Yea, according to leela I was still ahead with about 55% lead with this crazy 5 star opening formation as white in a real game I played today.

Then I tried testing the variation as black with Leela AI, white is ahead with 70% lead
I tried again vs Leela AI as white, black is ahead by 62%.
So it seems the opponent played bad in the actual game with his 3-3 instead of taking 4-4, 3-4 points

And finally the conclusion is that it seems there’s less consequences to playing random openings as white than black according to leela

So next time you want to play random openings try it as white!

[同声相应]vs[horlauyei]1624727865030032092.sgf (1.1 KB)
here is actual game i played as white in case if anybody was wondering

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komi is 375 in sgf file for some reason
and you are using old leela
better is leela zero
or kata go: