Account verification issue

Hello there,

I received the confirmation email, clicked on it, but it seems like the verification didn’t occur: I still see the “Welcome to OGS! […] You can visit the settings page to update your email address or resend the validation email.” message in the home page, and I can’t use the chat.
When looking at the settings I don’t see anything regarding resending the confirmation email?
Also, when I try to change certain things (such as the nationality flag for instance) I get the following error: ## CSRF Failed: CSRF token from the ‘X-Csrftoken’ HTTP header has incorrect length.
I don’t know if the two are related.
I am on Safari Version 15.6 (17613., MacOS Monterey.

Thanks in advance!


This is a bug. A fix has been accepted, but hasn’t made it to production yet: Bug Fix: Resend validation email button missing. by benjaminpjones · Pull Request #2061 · online-go/ · GitHub

One workaround to resend the confirmation email: if you change the email and click save, it should send an email to the new address. Also, be sure to check your spam box!


Awesome thanks!
Had to do it twice though for it to work!