Account verification

I can’t verify my acount, I tried all the mothods I coud google. can I get it verified pls?


It strikes me we could do with an FAQ about this … I went to see if I could help, but I couldn’t figure out what the right steps would be :slight_smile:


So I think… if you enter an email here: OGS Account Settings, you will get a verification email (make sure to check your spam folder).

dev thoughts

That isn’t terribly intuitive. I think two features would make this more clear-

  1. A link to the settings whenever you get the “You need to verify your email before you can…” message.
  2. A button on that page that allows you to resend the confirmation email (assuming you’ve already entered an email address)
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It seems a moderator saw this post and verified me, thx for the help anyway. Also, I did enter my email there and it did nothing.

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Would you mind sharing what method you used to register initially? I just retested and both registering with an e-mail and inputting e-mail later worked easily and quickly.

However we did have a slight increase of these reports lately, and I am low-key suspecting one of the “social links” might be the culprit. Did you initialy use Google or facebook account to log it? Or am I off?

And of course sorry about the trouble. :confused:

Interesting, I am positive we used to have that button, but cannot trigger it now. So the functionality might be still there, could be just a matter of copy pasting from an older build :smiley:


Oh good call, you’re absolutely right! Here’s the JSX to display that button:

Likely no copy/paste needed, we just need to figure out why that condition isn’t evaluating to true for unvalidated emails.


I indeed used a social link to connect initially, and the resend confirmation button does indeed not exist for me.