Active games are no longer


I was unable to login for several days, the webpage simply did nothing. Now I can login and see the modified GUI of games, but when I click “home”, the games are neither sorted by “games where it is my turn and where the least time remains”, nor does it show which games are paused.

Both these things are a valuable indicator: without them, it is now very inconvenient to play multiple correspondence games and notice where I am in danger of running low on time.

So I hope it is a temporary state that will be fixed. Developers, thank you for all your good work.



I agree, this is a major drawback to the new site. The upgrade is great overall but I hope this is fixed soon.

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Hello everybody,

OGS is navigating troubled waters currently, so please bear with us. I can only say that everybody is very sorry for the trouble and frustration, but … what is, is, and what ain’t, ain’t. Our devs are having sleepless nights, ironing out the bugs after the software upgrade. At least the new version allows for faster bug removal and easier software updates, there have been many changes “under the hood”, the visual changes we see are only the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, we all hope that all will run smoothly soon … but it won’t be immediately in this second, and there definitely is some collateral damage, so to speak. It hurts, it’s frustrating … yet that’s the way it is, and when it’s all done, we’ll have a better OGS than we ever had before.

Regarding the display problem on the Overview page:

For now, please go to your settings page and switch to thumbnail view, something like my setting pictured below:

In Thumbnail View, the games where it’s your turn to play will be highlighted in green.

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