Ad campaign against Sandbaggery

Alright, to lighten the mood a little, I’d like to invite you to contribute to this brand new campaign against sandbagging. You can create one-liners, three-liners, comic strips, slogans or posters, or even posters with slogans to further this noble cause. Be it “equal games for equal ranks” billboards, propagandistic oil paintings or just plain old dansdk memes, go wild! Equally! :speak_no_evil::popcorn:


Well a while ago I did this comic for OSR :smiley: thought it might apply here:


You should do an ad campaign against escapers while you’re at it!

If you have success, we could half the moderator pool :smiley:


Two sandbaggers meet:
Keen struggle by sixteen kyus.
That’s cosmic justice.

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Two sandbaggers meet.
Two reports of “hey this guy is sandbagging, I can recognise it!”



These already appeared in the Go Memes thread, but maybe they’re still good for another laugh.

I would like to propose something radical. Maybe we’re been coming at the issue of Sandbagging from the wrong direction. I imagine that most sandbaggers have low self-esteem or trouble dealing emotionally with losing. Just look at the pain when you call them out. It’s sad and they deserve our sympathy. They are like Pinocchio, dreaming of becoming a Real Boy :innocent:.

Look how low they must go in order to boost their gameplay record, all to somehow confirm that they do have value, in a world where they feel so insignificant. They are screaming “look at me, I’m important”.

meta meme 8-2

They are real people who struggle deeply to fill a void inside that seems endless and impossible to overcome.

Born out of situations they were never emotionally prepared to deal with.

Watch the sandbagger on the left. I believe and propose that the way to cure sandbagging is to find them and give them much needed hugs :hugs:.



Here is a text for a movie poster. Perhaps someone with graphic skills can use it to create an actual poster:

See sudden death!
Penetrate a deep mystery!
Who are they?

They say they are noobs…
They wear DDK cloaks…
But they are really The Pod People of OGS!


Coming soon to a theater near you!

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