Add a toggle for move numbers to the Joseki Dictionary

For various reasons it would be really nice to have a toggle to change and/or turn on/off move numbers in the Joseki Dictionary. For example, if someone sends me a link to a finished joseki with many moves (e.g. follow this link to has 26 moves and no numbers) it’s really difficult to understand how it plays out. It currently requires you to back up to an empty board and somehow remember all the moves forward to get to the end of the joseki. Maybe this could tie into the current move numbering and be a 3-way toggle: reset (no numbers), partial (number from where you started or last reset), full (number from the very beginning all the moves)?


Actually, something broke OJE some time back, in the way that numbers are put on moves on the goban.

I’m pretty sure that it did not used to do that confusing thing that you describe, and I also do not like the way it does that.

I’ll see about fixing it in due course.