Add OGS to GoKibitz!

If you haven’t seen it, GoKibitz is pretty cool. You can upload sgf files and the community can add comments to each move. The comments also include markup, which is pretty slick. I asked the site developer about adding a direct OGS import into GoKibitz using the OGS API and he pointed out that he had the code for the site available on GitHub and thinks it would be great if we were hooked in.

I lack the technical know-how of web programming, and our devs are always busy, if one of our web programming savvy users could hook us up it would be much appreciated. It doesn’t look like it would take too long for someone who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, that someone is not me.


I support the idea and may use GoKibitz as a reviewing tool for The Nova League.


Sounds like a cool idea. Linking these two services would probably provide a boost to both.

From a technical perspective, on the GoKibitz side it is probably just a matter of fetching the SGFs from OGS and either doing this automatically for all games or providing an interface to select the desired games.

However, on the OGS side, there also seems to be some work necessary in fixing some issues in how SGF files are generated. OGS currently produces invalid SGF files, which may cause issues when importing into other services and apps.


To make a copy of all the games on GoKibitz would a very bad idea.

When a stronger player makes a review comment on GoKibitz, they know that the player who submitted the game wants to have feedback and will be reading it too. If a game receives 30 constructive comments and the player never looks at it or just goes “yeah, whatever, I just play for fun” - then GoKibitz will ultimately lose all reviewers.

Instead, it should be a button on your own finished games that says “Submit this game to GoKibitz”, and when you do, a GoKibitz account is automatically created from your OGS account (if necessary) and the link to the GoKibitz page is automatically added to the game, maybe next to the list of game reviews.

I believe that this idea has a bright future because it trumps with the strengths of OGS and GoKibitz: that they are under active development and that they are based on modern web technology which is easily linked together.


I definitely agree that automatically posting games on GoKibitz would be a bad idea: @Animiral is absolutely right that the interest of reviewers depends on having people post a small number of games they really would like to think about and get feedback on.

When @crodgers asked me about this, I was thinking of some kind of extra panel on GoKibitz’s upload page that could let you link your OGS account, get a list of games, and have some sort of button like the one you describe to import the game. I hadn’t considered the idea of having a button on the OGS side, but, frankly, that sounds great to me. I would certainly be willing to do the work on my side to make that possible.

Regarding SGF issues, I certainly support getting any problems with SGF generation on the OGS side resolved (though Shusaku knows I can sympathize with how busy they must be), but I would note that we have a number of users regularly posting SGFs on GoKibitz without any issues. GoKibitz tries to be forgiving in its SGF parsing.


This is what I was thinking as well. Seems like overkill to upload every game. Though, I agree that the button sounds like a good idea as well.

I have uploaded OGS sgf before and not had a problem.

This looks like something I should be able to handle.

Are there games that are not publicly viewable on OGS?

I think there may be a way to add a target at GoKibitz that could receive an action from OGS to push a game over there.


That would be great!

Also, there are private games on OGS.


It will involve a bit of API work, but it’s certainly possible and something I’d be happy to do.


Thanks for the information.

I’ll get public working first and then worry about private. I will also look at what is need to have a receiver for an action from OGS sending a game for review.

I’ve created a fork of GoKibitz code to work on.

No promise on timing as I have a few other commitments already in place.


Thank you for your work! We really appreciate it.

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