Add "Other servers" graph

Hi all,

I’ve just seen Leira’s profile ( and I was wondering how to add this “other servers” section with the (apparently) up-to-date graphs.

Has anyone an idea ?


Yes! The info page supports html, so there’s some code there that you’re not seeing. You can call up an image from an internet source like this:

< img src=“”/ >

If you close the spaces around the < > , it looks like this:

I hope that helps.


Yes, thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

By the way, it’s weird to support html there, I was taught some skilled hackers could hack the website because of this…

Not with html alone. As long as anoek has been careful to not allow scripting or auto-redirects it should be fine… goes to test lol

edit: confirmed scripts don’t get parsed

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I’m not an expert, all I remember is “don’t allow users to write html” ^^

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those two comments go perfectly together. The less you know, the less you allow your users to do :slight_smile:

It seems anoek knows enough to allow html but not all tags


The img tag allows for Cross-site request forgery

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@anoek might want to read this link from flovo regarding image tag vulnerabilities

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