Adjust Right Clicking Behavior For Usernames

I cannot right-click and then copy a persons username. Everywhere on the site all usernames are hyperlinked. If I highlight a name and right click it, the username menu appears. If I highlight the username there and right-click it, I am taken to their profile. If I highlight and right-click it there, the menu pops up again. When I only have a mouse, it would be nice if it were possible to copy someone’s name :sob:


After selecting the username, move the mouse away from the name before right click. If you do the right click above or below the name, the context menu should appear. When you move the mouse away from the name, the cursor style should change when leafing the linked area.

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Already tried it. I should have mentioned it :sweat_smile:. Copy isn’t there though, because upon right clicking anywhere else on the page, the name stops being highlighted, and therefore there is nothing left to copy. So the browser, at least Chrome, does not show Copy on the right click menu.

I can make an animated gif you want to see the behavior. Just let me know.


If you select user name as well as the player icon, you can copy the name. This obviously is only a work around.

I created an issue on github for it:


Fix on the way:


Once again, you are a saint. :tada:
On perhaps a bit of a related (or maybe not) topic, any quick idea why ctr+c and ctrl+v does not work in certain parts of website?


Specifically for me, ctrl+c in PM… but there are others… I’ve learnt through pain to always mouse click in PM >.>