Adjusting players' points in tournaments makes the UI stuck

Adjusting player’s points in tournaments makes the UI stuck. This can be reproduced in Firefox/Chrome/Safari. For example, I can see the message “a web page is slowing down your browser” in my Firefox browser.

cc @anoek Could you help take a look?

Which tournament, what player, and what’s the adjustment you’re applying? A quick local test seemed to work over here, so knowing some more details will help.

@anoek Here’s the tournament (Alan Turing Nines Title Tournament 2019):

Basically I’d like to adjust, for example, my points by -1, but the browser would get stuck for ~1 min for any adjustment I tried on any player in the tournament.

OK I think I see some errors that might be causing that, the adjustments are working it looks like, just have to refresh to see (and yeah deal with the massive page lag). I’ll see if I can figure out what’s wrong in the morning

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