Ads, OGS, and you


This. I cannot commit to a regular monthly amount, but 1 off payments or buying stuff I would snap up


Let everybody donate what they can… To me it’s the thought that counts. 10 dollars while nothing for one can be a significant ammount to another… Also I am opposed to the idea that supporters should have better “stuff” than others. To me the way it is now it’s perfect. Having more vacations is a nice gesture and having a golden name is more of a reminder to others. But limiting not paying members seems wrong (with the analysis tools and whatnot). I would hate for this go site to start reminding me of those “pay to win” scenarios.

Not that I think we are heading that way… :slight_smile: just saying I am glad we aren’t.


I didn’t even know I have more vacation time due to supporting, since I don’t play correspondence games. I’m not sure if it’s good enough or worth the implementation time, but here is another suggestion:

By supporting with at least $15, you get a badge in your profile just like the one I got here.

These badges could be given annually (2017 Supporter, 2018 Supporter, 2019 Supporter, …).

  • If you support monthly, you also get the badge as long as you reach the $15 that year.
  • This has a problem: if I’ve donated $14 by December and the year changes, then I donate an extra dollar, I do not get a badge. Seems unfair. To fix this, it could be implemented differently: if (you donated $15+ in the past 12 months and did not receive last year’s badge) OR (you donated $15+ in the past 12 months and $30+ in the past 24 months), you get the badge for the current year. It’s true that by donating $30 in January 2018 you’d get both 2018 and 2019 badges, but I still think it’s fair enough, nobody loses here, so I don’t see why worry too much about it. However, even if you’ve donated a million dollars in the past, but stopped support over 12 months ago, it’s also fair that you do not get current’s year badge, since you are clearly no longer a supporter.

To fix this - and I don’t think it needs any fixing, but just in case you disagree and think there should be more recognition if you donate much more than $15 per year:

  • There could be two or three supporter tiers. Example: 2017 Supporter ($15+), 2017 Epic Supporter ($60+), 2017 Legendary Supporter ($120+). I’m bad at naming stuff, that was just an example. The next tier always replaces the previous (it doesn’t show two badges for the same year in your profile, just the highest tier).
  • The condition to get a badge would be: if (you donated valueOf(Badge B)+ in the past 12 months and donated valueOf(badge B) + valueOf(badge you got last year)+ in the past 24 months), you get current year’s badge B.

About colors in the name

  • Monthly supporters could still have an orange name
  • Year supporters (those who donated $15+ in the last 12 months) could have the first letter in a different color (maybe red).
  • Of course those who are both, have the first letter in red and the rest in orange.
  • You get these supporter advantages (more vacation time, supporter chat, etc) for as long as you are either a monthly or an year supporter.
  • I just noticed there is a problem here: if I donate $14 today, and then donate $1 in 11 months, I’d just be considered an year supporter for one month. It’s actually easy to fix this, but hard to explain to the supporters, I think. Any suggestions? Or just keep it as is? Edit: I think a fair enough and easy way to explain to supporters would be to give them the benefits as long as: (they donated $15+ in the last 12 months OR it’s been less than 12 months since they made the donation that got them their latest badge OR they had an epic or higher badge in the previous year). From the programming side, this also makes it easier to determine the end date of the benefits as soon as the donation is received.


Not much, but I started yesterday. Hope that helps somehow. You are the best, thank you!


We can’t afford much, but my wife’s account is now a supporter too :slight_smile: keep up the great work team!! <3


90% Ad free now!


Any update on one-off payments?

Since someone asked how that would relate to a monthly supporter payment: I would expect to be able to i.e. select a $5/month but do a 6-month or 12-month payment. So one would still be a “normal” supporter by selecting that payment option.



Good question @og1L !

Lol @BHydden, a good (or bad?) workaround for those who want to give more or more than once a month would be creating an account for all parents, children, brothers, etc… and make them all supporter accounts :slight_smile:

By the way, if not already possible, it could be nice to be able to pay the fee for a friend, as a gift.




In the last 12 hours we’ve jumped up a whole 4%!!!
We’re so very close to hitting the “no ads” marker and starting work on the additional server goals!!! :smiley:




I had a different understanding lf this indicator, keeping a light doubt though.
I was thinking that from now to 100%, OGS stops ads but if they don’t reach 100%, they would restore them.
And once 100% is reached, they have enough funds for an Asian server. Funds raised only by supporters. Then, there would be another gap to fill until the European server milestone.
In other words, we are experimenting already kind of OGS without ads but the revenue is still lower than ads would provide… for being able to afford a new server.
I guess that was only the optimistic vision… :slight_smile:



Me again,

By the way, I don’t trust this indicator and I haven’t deemed worthy to make questions on how exactly it works neither. Even if like having a look at it :slight_smile:

I assume that if next month, there’s a big percentage (in value, not in number) of failure when charging the current supporters, the percentage of that page will just drop.



My understanding is that from now to 100% is what is required to keep the ads turned off, as you said, but that reaching 100% will start the new (smaller) goal of an Asian server at 0% and then after that another goal for the Europe server.

I do not know how they’ve coded the progress bar, as they have been rather tight-lipped about exact figures required for their goals, I suspect we may never fully know. But surmise to say, I trust the bar to ‘accurate’ regardless of to what measure they hold it.


As is see it the ads should already be back up because of the initial statement " We’re going to try turning off ads. To keep them off, we need 2.5% of players to become new site supporters by the end of October."

So I think we missed the deadline =/


shhhhhh :wink:


Bad we are :fearful:


There was mention of trying to implement once off payments so maybe they’re trying to get that option available before deciding whether or not to turn the ads back on.



Been meaning to since I started playing here, and it’s so close now that I had to finally throw in.



For people living in Asia but also for all OGS users, I cannot wait for a server in Asia, I guess it will benefit to all. And eventually, I will stop complaining on how slow OGS is :-1:
Well, it’s not that slow maybe, but when you use it almost constantly… like I do, it starts being painful.