Ads, OGS, and you


I think it is correct. The new servers are a luxury.


Why does the percentage for Asia (4.7% as I write this) keep changing downwards as well as up? I seem to recall it got up to 5.4%, and then rolled down to 3.something% percent. Is the required amount changing? Are pledged donations withdrawn?


Yes, a supporter can stop his/her donation any time he/she wants.


Getting a second server looks like an one-year goal … if we are lucky :roll_eyes:



Well, we’ve certainly stagnated a bit with that goal, I guess it’s not as enticing to folks as getting rid of ads :slight_smile: Which is fair enough… I think it’s pretty important though so I’m working on figuring out how to do it with what resources we have, trimming the fat and all. I just have to figure out how to do it without affecting performance :slight_smile:


Well, if the majority of the users think 1 more server is luxury I will almost tend to think it’s not that important then.

My opinion is that scaling OGS up is obviously not something that would attract more users anyway.

So, those who cannot stand the latency and the SPOFs of the current architecture will have to learn being patient!

I personnally scream everyday… and also remind myself on a daily basis that it’s only a go server :wink: ( Well, THE go server of course but you had understood what I meant)

In advance, thanks for all more factoring and more tuning you can implement :slight_smile:



We’re dropping the ball a bit… :’(


Oh snap :frowning: do people not like us anymore? :cry:


Hello :slight_smile:

I don’t like you anymore !

No one-off donations… No second server… No Rengo…

This is a blameless message. I already appreciate all kind financial support many people have already provided as I also appreciate the already done work devs have made so far.

I just want more :smiley:

Obviously, we know OGS team already puts their sincere efforts into it … but well… :slight_smile:

Btw, I wish a great new year to all the team :slight_smile:



From every report I’ve heard thus far, one-off donations are in active development. We are intentionally pursuing global servers. Haven’t heard much discussion in the forums of rengo being a core desire of the OGS community…

…but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad :wink:


It was made into a github post and the developers will work on it they have said, just not high on the priority list. Of course we can’t get everything all at once. I am sure most people understand this.


Although as the Donation bar shows if we want a second server we need more donations and once @anoek or @matburt work out how they want to do it, im sure will get more donations.


There have mean quite a large number of people saying they would gladly make annual donations if the option was available.


What would you say if this a crypto currency miner was embedded in the website? I don’t know how much profit that would make, but given the nature of service (lot’s of users, attached to website for prolonged periods of time) it could give a reasonable income.

I wouldn’t mind someone mining in my browser as there would be a banner saying that the miner is working (maybe even with an option to turn him off).

EDIT: I removed references to the particular miner, with an afterthought, that I’m not sure if that particular solution is safe. Generally, the idea is great, but given potential benefits, free offering of such kind is slightly suspicious.


I did some math using another miner: Coinhive makes it clear it takes 30% of whatever was mined by the users, which makes it somewhat more trustworthy in my head.

The currency seems to be mined at ~1 monero per 10 seconds (used few recent blocks from to calculate it. And single monero is ~350$ today. So, let’s say 35$ per second or roughly 3M$ per day (for whole currency running at ~600M hashes per sec right now)

Possible hashrate has a visual script which after turning on shows digging speed. For reasonable reference, I left it at 1 thread running 50% - this nets me 5 hashes per second on a medium class laptop. I have no idea how many open browser windows are there running ogs, but judging by the number of open live games, and with a little extra added, let’s assume 400 windows on average. That gives us 2000 hashes per second.

Payout time!
70% * (3M$/day) * (2K / 600M) = ~7$ per day

…or 200$ per month

It’s definitely not a deal breaker, and browser mining has a sort of shady reputation. I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk of scarying users with anti-virus messages. On the other hand it’s a fairly un-intrusive form of monetizing a website, which seems suitable to the nature of OGS. 7$ per day, should at least cover lunch expenses for @anoek. The solution makes it possible for custom throttling. Why not leave the slider and let users decide how much CPU would they like to dedicate to OGS? What do you think?


I’ve been away for a while and came back a couple of days ago. (Sorry to all former opponents where I have timed out btw.) On coming back I saw that one-off donations are working now. Since I am one of those people who claimed they’d support if only this option was offered, I did so now.

But has this new option been announced/advertised anywhere? I couldn’t find anything. If it indeed hasn’t, it might be a good idea to start shouting about it.