Advice for new player

Hi there,
I’m brand new to go and enjoying the game, albeit losing every single one. I have watched a few online tutorials and learnt the basic shapes to make and the dos and don’ts etc. However, my simple question is this. In most of my games, between move 2 and 4 my opponent will place a counter right next to mine. What is the best repsonse to this?
Thank you


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We can’t give general advice, show us a screenshot of a position and we can give a precise advice.

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This situation for instance.

Well, the reply is going to be very different in 9x9 vs 19x19!

You should usually hane (sometimes translated as bend).

F8 is a possibility.

You might find this page useful: Basic Instinct at Sensei's Library

It suggests some common replies to common moves. These might be one of the first moves to consider in a given situation.

For example:

  1. After contact, hane:



  1. After diagonal contact, stretch:


Of course, one must note the usual disclaimer: while these basic moves are often good, there are a lot of exceptions so always check that the basic move works before playing it.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy the game :smile_cat: