After-game score estimator did not complete

After playing game hongjae79 vs. david265, I did some analysis then clicked Estimate Score and OGS went into an infinite loop. I think the analysis information has been lost. I can’t remember go moves, so I don’t know that I can reproduce it.

Do you mean that the score estimator could not make the estimation, keeping running?

Yes, exactly. It usually terminates in a few seconds, but it ran for maybe 20 seconds before I started trying other things. It is probably relevant that I use Firefox, 96.0.1, if OGS runs JavaScript.

After the game, it the AI doing score estimate, on the back-end. Maybe it was just queued up for a while, or you had a internet connection glitch.

I followed the how to reproduce instructions, on FF 96.x, it worked for me. I saw the request to go out and come back with at 200, and the score estimate was displayed.