After making a move in live game on mobile, keyboard pops up

Android + Chrome. After moving the chat box gains focus and the keyboard pops up.

Ah shoot, i’ll look into it, thanks!

I have the same issue on Android. It happens when you type in chat, and afterwards want to make a move.

I usually solve it by reloading the page after writing something in chat.


This is still an issue. In mobile, (app or web) if you chat one time, every time you click on the board, the keyboard will pop up. This will happen until you reload. On the app, there is no refresh button, so this means going to “home” and reselecting the game. In faster game settings or time pressure, this can be very stressful. Now that I know about it, I just don’t chat on mobile unless I have plenty of time, but if you didn’t know, this would screw you up for a while, possibly costing a game. It also can lead to misclicks.

I believe this is fixable by tapping a blank area off the board (just somewhere empty on the page) before moving.

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I’ll play with this, but that’s enough time to cause a misclick. And it’s a ticking time bomb to forgetting to do it once. It should really be fixed.

what pbgarden said. this seems to happen because the chatbox is still selected. tapping right next to it solves it for me.