AGA Presidential Election

I assume many people who care are already in the mailing lists, but just in case…

AGA is doing a presidential election. It’s just the board members who vote, but if you have any thoughts, you might want to share them with the board!


I have to say that I love their focus on growth and aiming to spread Go in an organised manner and especially in schools and young people. I wish we could focus on that aspect as well in Europe.

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I’m not the target audience of the AGA, being a British player who is never going to go to an AGA club or tournament, but I was a member in the past to support the video series they produced of Michael Redmond reviewing AlphaGo games. But I stopped because:

  1. Those videos dried up and Redmond made his own channel.
  2. I was disappointed with the conduct of the AGA pros and organisers in the Transatlantic Pro match.
  3. I was more than disappointed with the AGA response in the Pandanet Remi-Tong cheating case.

A view from across the pond.