AGA rules and dame

If AGA rules can be either area or territory scoring, it seems to me you have to fill all dame before letting a computer score the game if it doesn’t mention which scoring technique it’s going to use, true? I ask because I’m in an AGA rules game on OGS and it doesn’t say whether it’s scoring area or territory.:slight_smile: I guess the big question I’m trying to wrap my head around: if the two scoring techniques are to be equal under AGA rules, is it always proper to play every dame as if it were worth a point no matter which style of scoring it was agreed upon to use?

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Under AGA rules, you should always play all the dame.

Page 2 of this summary on the British Go Association site addresses this directly.

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Yes you should fill all dame, they are worth 1 point each. Did you know that when you pass, you must hand your opponent a prisoner?

Right … so even if it is territory scoring, each dame missed costs a point due to pass stones.