Age regulation in korea professional 1 dan



so strange picture~~

The picture that Benjito posted is referencing a common English-language expression that goes “you’re putting the cart before the horse.” The implication of this expression is to state that you are progressing through the steps out of order. Benjito is, through a picture, telling you the same thing several others have said, which is that it may be unproductive to worry about whether or not you can become a Korean pro at your age, given the fact that it will likely be several years (based on the speed of most people’s progression) before you would even be a top amateur and in a position to consider competing for professional status.


ok, I see.

but I really want to know about this

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Go for it. Perhaps we end up with another pro playing on OGS. :smiley:

I used that picture in a Go Meme once but I can’t find it now.

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Dear sir,

My name is Seongmin Kim from Korea baduk association.

I reply your qeustion.

It is possible to be a professional Baduk player if you win the gerneral admission competition held by the Korea Baduk Association.

The competition schedule has not been set because of Covid-19 so if you want to check the schedule, you can check Korea Baduk Association hompage.

Your age doesn’t matter.

However, in order to participate, you have to cumulatively stay in Korea must be at least two years.

Please let me know if you want to know any question.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Seongmin Kim

thet replys


Well it’s nice to know that there is a place where the age doesn’t matter.


There is hope for us all yet!

yes, so happy. but still cannot read the hard Korean words.

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as long as you can read the hard Korean tesuji, all is well.


I think that is Japanese word , still cannot enter that baduk website. so mad!

maybe 150 person join this competition, only 5 person can be come professional 1 Dan in Korea. But no any age regulation. Any baduk rank can join. Only one chance a year.

But still cannot understand the korea words lol.