Age regulation in korea professional 1 dan

if I am 25 years old in Taiwan, can I participate in professional baduk 1Dan test in south korea? Am I too old?

I found that there are some game regulation in this korea website,but I want to know weather there is more game to become professional 1 Dan or not.

this website shows some rules, I use translation website to translate this pictures, but still can not understand.

do not know whether this person is old regulation.


If you’re strong enough there are other ways to become professional. What is your level?

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my best level is 5k in OGS, What are the other ways?

Not to burst your bubble, but 5k is not nearly enough.
You’d probably have to be 6d before you even start to consider becoming pro.


but I just want to know am I too old?

From that article you have already the answer. No it’s not too old you have until 34 at least. Then from the same article, to become one of these at this age was a miracle.
You can try to make a miracle too afterall.

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It is a lot of work to be able to accomplish something like that. I highly doubt that I could do it even if I were to study all day for years, but it would be an amazing accomplishment for someone with the potential. You just never know what you might be able to achieve though, so good luck!


Taiwan and China and Japan and Korea can be professional baduk player at all age.
But that is old regulation. Now, Taiwan and Japan cannot be professional baduk player after 22 years old. Only China can. I want to know new regulation of Korea. Whether Korea can be professional player after 22 years old?

I think all the korea baduk game is in this website . If not ,please tell me.

please check these Korea words and tell me : weather can be professional 1 Dan or not


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Sorry I don’t know Korean language, but I can see you found the Korean baduk association here?
So you can ask them about age limit to become pro in Korea.
In my own limited knowledge there is only one professional association of baduk in Korea.

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I have called them(Korea) for many times, but no body answers.

I have found a new telephone number of association. It is so excited, maybe I can call them again.

You might also try asking the largest Korean group on the main OGS site: 😀Korea Go한국바둑😀
It appears to have active chat.


ok, thank you.

I found many telephone number in the association website. If tomorrow they are work, I can ask them.


I have a feeling that if you manage to get to professional strength but you aren’t the right age, they will find a way to make an exception.

The hard part is actually getting that strong haha


I have asked a Korean in wild fox baduk online game. He said it is impossible to be pro in Korea because I am too old.Maybe it is the answer.But I have to ask again tomorrow.The worst situation is go to China or America or Europe to get the professional 1 Dan license.

Which should be a minor inconvenience compared to the effort of reaching that strength in the first place. :slight_smile:


Go step by step because each step will take some times. And each step you succeed will give you more happyness. And less sadness if you don’t.
It’s not really the time to ask yourself which pro federation will be the good one to join. It’s better time to reach a Dan level which would be already a great accomplishment on the road to be a pro.
I would have an easy job to discourage you (and others too) but I won’t, dreams are a nice side of life. If I advise you to go step by step it’s because there is a huge chance that this won’t succeed and it’s better to fall from a lower altitude, it hurts less.


Seriously, at 5th kyu, the issue of age limits for different country’s professional systems is not at all your primary concern. Why don’t you get to 7 dan or 8 dan first, and then decide whether you still have greater potential to pursue, and only at that point see if there are any professional qualifying paths you can pursue.


Maybe I am stupid,still can’t reach 7dan or 8 dan

Most people can’t, that is an EXTREMELY difficult goal… doesn’t make you stupid at all


I have called the Korea baduk association, a girl says it is not her affair, I can call her tomorrow.

A man says he already catch my E-mail ,but he must check the regulation. He do not know.

He will reply me this afternoon.