AI analysis for any position during a trial variation

It seems the AI analysis is against the whole game at this moment.
I wonder if I can play a trial variation at any move of a game, and any position in that variation, I can click “Analyze this position with AI” and then several recommended moves are displayed, each with a possible variation.
This feature is only available in AQ weiqi app, as far as I know, but it makes a lot of sense for me.
Thanks, in advance.


Just thought i would pop in to say two things.

  1. i do like this as an idea.
  2. i worry that people would use the AI during a game, where the Analysis tools are available to use in game.

So my suggestion would be to put AI Suggestions on variations only after a game, or indeed as an option on Demo boards, and game reveiws.


AI analysis of any kind during a game is considered cheating.


Just to point out a simple logic here:
Cheating with AI during a game (to suggest next move is unacceptable, but to estimat the score seems be to be acceptible, not sure about trial play) should be forbidden, there is no doubt it, but this is not so relevant here. The requested feature here is to have AI suggest the next move in analysis mode or review mode. Moreover, if the AI for cheating is a different system from the one for playing the game, there’s no way to restrict that, and it is a different topic. Thanks again.


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