AI Analysis for reviews and demo boards

Hello OGS!

As of today site supporters will now have AI analysis available automatically for all game reviews and demo boards.

The AI analysis will be initiated so long as the controller of the review is a site supporter. All viewers of the review will also receive the AI analysis as the review progresses.

If at time you find this feature distracting or otherwise undesirable, you can always disable and re-enable the feature through the menu on the right hand side of the screen


Please note that it’s taking a few seconds for the analysis to come back, so please be patient. This is definitely slower than I’d like, I’ll be playing with some tuning over the next few days to see if I can reduce the latency.


Er, I thought we did already? :confused:

Cool! Will a live graph be shown?

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Looks like there is an eval bar under the player names, but I dont see a graph.

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after game, yes. not for review and demo


I didn’t include a graph for now as we are only only analyzing the current review move and not doing all moves (unless you go through them one by one), hence no graph since we don’t have the data. Some reviews have hundreds of branches that are explored, so it becomes a bit troublesome to do the graph.


This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for getting to this!

Traveling but I can’t wait to get to a computer and try it out!


It’s fairly cool, and if it can reach the same speeds as the post game analysis that’d be great.

It feels like it’s a good 10s or so faster at least to try out variations or an entirely separate game on a finished game, or uploaded sgf where the review has finished running than the demo boards/reviews at the moment.

LOVE it!
How is this actually working? Which AI is it, where is it running, how deep does the analysis go?

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